Skull Servant - Watching 7" EP Available For Purchase

Finally, the culmination of two years, multiple attempts, and a whole whackload of work. Enjoy sounds that mix Einsturzende Neubauten/Test Dept industrial, early 90's powerviolence and modern day hardcore ala Walls with more than a smattering of noise. I honestly haven't heard anything that sounds like us, but if you like the godly Column of Heaven or Gas Chamber, you'll probably tolerate listening to us too.

Order from our Bandcamp page or our Big Cartel page - listed over there. It's $10 PPD in North America, which is us taking a bit of a bath to get it out there. There's only a 100 of these available. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering. Distribution inquiries to: skullservantnoise@gmail.com


Noise Setup as of April 20, 2014

No one has particularly asked what we use in our noise setup - so that's probably a good reason to talk about it. Really, for two reasons - one, we'll be adding some newer gear and may want to revisit this setup sooner or later, and two, I think this sort of gear porn is neat. Typically we have five channels that end up in a mix:

Track 1 is a "vocal" track - meticulously assembled on computer then dumped to 4 track cassette tape - allowing us to pitch up or down the track - or alternately cut out elements entirely should we want to. This may be run to a separate amp, or into our mixer (the Traynor pictured below), or into the house mix.

Track 2 and Track 3 are originating at the weird sound generator - which is essentially a dual oscillator. Both signals go into a Boss DS1 distortion to boost the signal and add some grit. Then it goes into a Boss looper, and split into two signals. One heads straight to our mixer, the other into the incredibly useful Digitech PDS 2020.

Track 4 originates from the Trogotronic 101, and goes straight from the source into the mixer.

Track 5 is a contact mic taped usually on the basket of a shopping cart (of course illustrated here as on the frame of a shopping cart) run through an extension cable to the Boss DSD-2, the Sampler/Delay version of the DD-3.


Master/Servant Relationships

So the (Skull) Servant, (Enormous Door) Master(ing) relationship begins.