It's been a while. Movement on the recordings have been slow. Perhaps a Test Dept video will suffice?


Skull Servant NE/SE - Vacant Screens/Vacant Eyes cassette

Here at Skull Servant industries, we fly by the seat of our ADD brains, but when we stumble across sounds that don't work for recordings or ideas that are currently underway, we tend to switch gears and focus on the new idea. So in parallel with Obfuscation and Transparency releases, we've finished two new pieces, Vacant Screens and Vacant Eyes - one about computerized surveillance, one about the people who watch surveillance for a living. This will be released in the next month as we finish the art. More fun. Will post when ready.



The next (pair of) release(s) will be Skull Servant NE/SE Obfuscation 7" lathe cut and Skull Servant NE/SE Transparency 7" lathe cut.  Obfuscation will be a sonic piece that works with the idea of obscuring your identity with unreal data points, to create a confused version of who you are for those who track you. Currently we're recording 150 layers for this experiment, and we've completed three of the anticipated twenty recording sessions required to get this level of depth.

Transparency, of course, is the opposite of obfuscation. As a result transparency will be a Skull Servant take on droning sounds. Very minimal, subtle, quiet.

Skull Servant - The Humans cassette is back in the practice stages - we've reworked our original material to create stronger, better songs. We've cut the release down to two longer tracks similar is feel to "Watching", but perhaps a bit less reserved. Doom metal meets powerviolence meets noise, with a splash of blown speakers in there to get the full effect.

Finally, Skull Servant - Watching (dub) is still on hiatus, as some hardware required to make this happen broke. Will be fixing as soon as possible, but of course, things cost money and time. We've also made a DAW switch from Sonar X1 to Studio One - which means the rough tracks need to be exported and imported, and the mixing process with outboard equipment will begin again.


An Update Seems In Order

Throughout the Summer all plans have been derailed. In fact it took all summer to get back most of my recording gear, so that things can now progress as it should. Servant No.2 has been working hard on their personal noise work. Now seems like the appropriate time to regroup and start working on "The Humans" which is the next "music" tape which will cover surveillance's effect on the human psyche and changes our behaviour. Mostly ideas about how we revert to (dominant) cultural norms when confronted with observation. Side B will cover some ideas about fear. Looks like early in the new year we should see the tape. Also an accompanying noise tape whose theme is yet to be determined, but will be about all-pervasive surveillance as well.

You can get the Watching 7"  through Scream and Writhe as well as Analog Worship. That happened a bit ago, grab them as you will. There's also a couple copies of the Watchful tape at Analog Worship. Basically, these are the only two places to get it outside of the local Hamilton area, outside of us. We are interested in trades and other distribution opportunities. Contact us at skullservantnoise@gmail.com. The irony shouldn't surprise you, should it?

Long term projects? Why yes, we have a ton. The Watching (dub) lathe cut is still in process. More alley shows, especially in the winter. We will see (as will they).